When Should You Have Your Garage Door Repaired?

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People open and close their garage door almost every day, sometimes even more than once a day. Because of the frequency with which we use them, it’s only normal that they need to be maintained regularly so they can function as they should.

If you notice the following signs of problems, it may be time to call a garage roller door service provider in Mareeba or other areas soon:

1. Not opening or closing

This is the most obvious sign that your garage door is in need of repair. If you’ve tried more than a few times to open or close your garage door and it won’t budge, you may be facing damaged cables, stripped gear, or a malfunctioning garage door opener. Whatever the case, you may have to inspect your entire garage door to find the source of the problem.

If you can’t pinpoint the reason why your garage door won’t open or close, call in a professional to find and fix the problem for you. If your garage door doesn’t stay closed, you should have your garage door repaired immediately so you won’t have to leave it open overnight.

2. Too much noise

If your garage door makes too much noise when you open or close it, don’t ignore the problem. A rumbling, groaning, or grating sound coming from your garage door may mean that there’s a problem with one or more components on it.

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3. Slow response

A garage door should take only a few seconds to respond after you press the garage door opener. If you notice that the door doesn’t open or close right away or if there are delays as it operates, there may be something wrong with your garage door or opener. Have a professional inspect both to see what the problem is and prevent the delay from getting worse.

4. Garage door off its tracks

Your garage door must stay on the tracks in order to operate correctly and safely. However, some events may cause the garage door rollers to come off the tracks, such as a car running into the door or one of the rollers breaking.

Once you notice that your garage door has come off its tracks, don’t try to open or close the door until you have it repaired. Otherwise, you may put yourself and your vehicle at risk, as a detached garage door can cause severe damage or injury if it continues to operate.

5. Unbalanced garage door

An out-of-balance garage door is one that is sagging and looks uneven from a few steps away. If your garage door is out of alignment, you must get it fixed before it can cause further damage to itself and its components. Moreover, you should inspect your garage door’s balance at least once every month to make sure it is still in proper alignment.

Sometimes, it’s easy to tell if your garage door needs repair. Other times, not so much. If you spot these signs in your garage door, make it a point to call a repair specialist immediately.

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