Why Are We Eating a Lot of Junk Food?

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Junk food is cheap, tasty, and filling. It’s the perfect food to munch on when we’re binge-watching Netflix series. It’s the easiest food to give to your kids when they don’t want to settle down and eat dinner. It’s tempting to always have junk food in your pantry because it’s so convenient. But we all know that it’s bad for us. The poor nutrition that we get from junk food is related to heart problems, diabetes, and high blood pressure. It can also cause anxiety and depression.

And yet, in many reputable binge eating disorder treatment centers, junk food is central to many eating problems. People munch on junk food when they are heartbroken and depressed. They feel happier while eating a bag of potato chips and then feel guilty and depressed after seeing the bag finished.

Why People Crave Junk Food

Food scientist Steven Witherly said that there are two main reasons people crave junk food. The first reason refers to the sensation of eating food. In the case of potato chips, for example, companies spend millions of dollars in research trying to find that perfect crunch. That’s why you can’t get enough of eating potato chips. The sensation in your mouth makes associations in your brain that trigger your need for that particular food.

The second reason has to do with the macronutrient makeup of the food. Most food is made up of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates. Junk food manufacturers are not concerned about the percentage of proteins and good fats their consumers are going to get. What they are concerned about is the perfect combination of salt, fat, and sugar. And that’s what you’re getting when you’re eating junk food. These are the things that make your body want to come back for more.

Junk Food Is Convenient

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People are aware that junk food gives nothing but empty calories. Yet, you’ll find that in many households, junk food and fast-food products are ubiquitous. It’s so easy to drop by a fast-food chain and buy a box of their tasty chicken nuggets. You know that these are bad for you. You can’t feed your kids chicken nuggets all the time.

The convenience of picking up ready-cooked food is so overpowering that people forget about its lack of nutritional value. You’ll find a fast-food chain every block or so in America. For people with busy schedules, who work almost 12 hours a day, this is so convenient and easy. Why do they have to prepare meals when there are grab-and-go meals?

Junk Food Is Cheap

Junk food and fast-food products are incredibly cheap. Do you know that healthier meals are three times more expensive than junk food? This is an important component in the fight between junk food and healthy food. People can afford junk food better because of its rapid and mass production.

For these reasons alone, it’s hard to wonder why so many people prefer junk food over healthy and nutritious meals. Junk food is convenient, easy, and affordable. But when you look at the statistics, the health problems that this kind of food causes, you will realize why it’s oh-so-important to stay away from junk food.

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