Why Laminate Flooring is Perfect for Your Bedroom

bedroom with laminate flooring

Homeowners who are into DIY prefer laminate floors over other flooring options due to their reasonable costs, visual appeal, and easy and fast installation. But, while this flooring may have gained a bad reputation for being unable to accommodate wet areas at home such as bathrooms and basements, there’s a certain area where laminate flooring can truly shine: bedrooms.

Unless shared by multiple users, bedrooms typically only see a fair amount of traffic. Laminate flooring can be the perfect choice for this area because it’s an inexpensive way to achieve the look that natural yet pricier options such as ceramic tile and hardwood can offer. For homeowners in Santa Ana, CA, laminate floors are great for DIY projects because its “click-lock” installation method is extremely easy to follow.

Here are the reasons your bedroom needs this type of flooring:

Laminate is Low-Maintenance

Not only is laminate flooring resistant to common problems found in other flooring options such as dirt, dust, and allergen particles, it is also very easy to clean. If you’re constantly busy at work and don’t have time to do major cleaning every so often, all you need to do to keep your laminate flooring clean is to either sweep or vacuum it to remove any loose, floating debris such as pet hair. Because you only need to get rid of small dirt particles, you won’t have to worry about too much wear and tear on the layer that protects your floor’s surface. In cases when you’ve spilled liquid on your flooring, grab a mild detergent and mop the floor with a damp cloth. You can also use a natural vinegar solution. However, make sure that none of the liquids and moisture will get through and penetrate the seams as this can cause damage to your floors.

Laminate Can Mimic Luxurious Surfaces

bedroom with laminate flooring

If you want the look of those expensive premium materials but don’t want the price tags that come with them, plastic laminate floors are your best bet. They’re more reasonably priced, but they can be made in such a way that they look extremely similar to materials such as hardwoods, ceramics, cork, carpets, and even stone. Of course, you’ll be able to tell they’re made of plastic when you walk on them, but you won’t be able to stop the difference between laminate and those other options by simply looking.

Laminate Comes in Endless Design Options

Because laminate floors are not limited by the properties of natural materials, you have endless choices when it comes to the aesthetics you want to achieve. They’re machine-manufactured, so you won’t have to worry about achieving uniformity, which is an impossible feat if you’re planning to go with natural wood or stone. You’ll have that look of perfection in your bedroom at a fraction of a cost. For example, if you want that Indian-inspired slate in your bedroom, you can recreate the same look with laminates flooring without having to pay for genuine stone. You want that exotic feel from hardwood flooring? Laminate planks can mimic that appearance.

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