Will Your Current Home Survive a Zombie Apocalypse?


It’s already 2021, and, most likely, nothing will surprise us anymore. The COVID-19 pandemic, quarantine regulations, and even environmental concerns bombard our news channels every day. When the time comes, a zombie apocalypse may not be a big deal anymore. On the other hand, you may be ready (probably even excited), but your home may not be. So do you have your zombie essentials?

Zombie 101: The “Traditional” Zombies

First, what are zombies? They are typically known as the “undead.” Zombies are characteristically described as creatures that lack free will and whose actions are often driven by their desire to feed on human flesh. They usually walk slowly with little control, they have rotting flesh, and they have no mind of their own.

Let’s be real, though. We know of zombies from only fiction books and movies. So what do we mean by a zombie apocalypse? We are talking about living, breathing, and “everyday hustling” zombies. If this sounds familiar, it’s because we are talking about you.

Are You a Zombie?

You may not be aware, but living humans and zombies tend to have similarities. We tend to be so caught up with our careers and responsibilities, especially now that time seems more abstract than ever with the quarantine still ongoing. We forget to simply enjoy spending our time with our loved ones.

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We tend to forget the good things, the small things that make us happy every day. Because of these tendencies, we end up looking like zombies. We go through our daily lives like a dull routine, a cycle that never stops. Is this how you envision yourself?

Encountering a so-called “living zombie apocalypse” is not far from reality. We all know how important an issue mental health has become in recent years. Advocates, even young ones, are speaking up about how we could manage and help those who are in the dark. A living zombie apocalypse is not about guns and violence. It is the opposite. What a living zombie apocalypse needs is, in fact, self-care.

So is your home equipped for “those” days? Do you have the self-care essentials needed to be thoroughly prepared?

Prepare Your Home for Survival

What’s in your fridge? Do you happen to have hot dogs, burgers, and lots of ice cream? Always remember that you need to eat heartily. When you go grocery shopping, stock up on healthy food for the family. It may be tempting, especially after the holidays, but you should avoid processed food as much as possible, as this can make you feel sluggish and unproductive. Opt for fresh fruit as snacks instead.

Is your glass half empty? Another crucial reminder, and we can’t stress this enough: you need to hydrate. Water is your friend. It flushes out toxins in your system, and it will simply keep your mind alert. You can even set up a phone alarm to remind you to take sips every few minutes.

During these cold months, people are more likely to deal with mental health issues because of the temperature and minimal exposure to sunlight. That’s why it is also incredibly important to maintain a home temperature that is just right for you and your family to keep yourselves comfortable. Get an HVAC repair service if you have to. Your and your family’s comfort should be the top priority.

You need to make yourself feel safe and secure during dark times or to avoid diving deeper into the black hole. With this in mind, you should keep in a box or a corner all the things that make you happy. Family photos, movies, tools for your favorite hobby—whatever it may be—these can all help you get back on track whenever you are feeling down.

Lastly, make time for family. Communication among family members will strengthen your bond as a family unit. This support system is vital in maintaining any healthy household. Get to know your family through bonding time over meals and maybe through playing games and having movie nights on weekends. Given the quarantine situation, you can probably even schedule a quiz night with friends and family from different parts of the world.

A (living) zombie apocalypse may happen sooner than you think. That’s why it is best to always check up on yourself and your family. See what adjustments you can do or what essentials you can provide to avoid sinking deep into the shadows. It’s easy to survive a zombie apocalypse. One simply has to pay attention.

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