Winter Decor Ideas to Get Your Home Ready for the Upcoming Season

Winter Decor

If you can’t wait to exchange fall’s mustard yellows and fiery oranges for winter’s icy blues and snow whites once the calendar flips to November 1st, you’re not the only one! Although winter technically doesn’t start until we’re well into December, a lot of people start decorating for the upcoming holiday season after Halloween. Suddenly, the pumpkins and cobwebs are replaced by tinsels and mistletoes, holiday music softly hums through the stereo, and the house smells of hot chocolate and mallows.

But with a myriad of choices for holiday décor, it can be easy to go from festive to excessive. While it’s great to decorate for the season, you don’t want to make it look like Santa’s very own factory. Below, we‘ll show winter décor ideas to inject some holiday cheer into your home.

1. Highlight your fireplace

There’s not an area more used during the winter season than the fireplace. It’s the spot to gather around in to stay cozy while on break from work and school. So make sure you highlight its function with winter decorations. Deck the mantel with holly and ivy, place silver candle holders on top, and light up some candles to bring more color and warmth around the fireplace.

2. Bring in some sheepskin

Plush fabrics are the epitome of coziness, which is what you want to achieve in your winter décor. Sheepskin rugs can help you bring this cozy feel to your home. You can place them on your floors to give a room a warmer and lighter feel. You can also use sheepskin rugs as seat cushions, especially for seats with metal frames to soften their look.

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3. Add snowflake accents

Nothing screams winter more than snowflakes. Done right, they can add a sophisticated holiday vibe to your home. You can choose pillow covers with snowflake prints or embroidery to make your couch throw pillows more festive or place wooden snowflake décor on your shelves or coffee table.

4. Create wintry centerpieces

You don’t want to leave your tables or the tops of your custom cabinets devoid of holiday cheer. Instead of leaving magazines or picture frames on these surfaces, why not make yourself custom holiday centerpieces? Take a glass jar or a silver bowl and fill it with some pine cones, clippings of wintry greenery like firs, and some fairy lights. You’ll end up with a beautiful centerpiece that makes the surfaces of your home feel more festive.

5. Enliven the space with some greenery

Just because the outside world is in hibernation and covered in white doesn’t mean your winter-inspired interior décor has to be devoid of color, too. While combining reds and greens might be a little too tacky, you can bring more color and life to your winter décor with some touches of greenery. For one, keep your wreaths and green and place them on your fireplace mantel and hang them on your front door. You can also place a bouquet of evergreen with and a few pinecones on a glass vase and make this your centerpiece. With these accents, your home retains bright spots of color in a sea of wintry white décor.

The holiday season is almost here and with the year we had, it’s great to have something to look forward to. Make your home your own winter wonderland with the design tips above and enjoy the holiday cheer.

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