Worried that Invisalign will give you a lisp? Five myths about this aligner debunked

Wearing Invisalign

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When you decide that you want to have straighter teeth as an adult, you will search online for all the reviews of adult aimed orthodontic treatments, while also learning all you can about the range of aligners that are designed to help you.

Unfortunately, similar to your search for dermal fillers, you are likely to come up against a wall of misinformation about adult aligners, prompting you to feel worried about any orthodontic treatment that could help you get that straighter smile that you want.

While the internet is an invaluable resource for learning, it is also prone to spreading half-truths about procedures and, when you are looking for the truth about a brace like Invisalign in Weybridge, you may hit more myths than facts.

So, what are the most common myths about Invisalign braces from Weybridge and what is the truth behind them? Read on to find out!

It’s less effective

While the Invisalign brace near Weybridge may be less suited to more complex cases of protrusion and malocclusion, if your dentist deems that you are suited for treatment with this brace, then it is likely to be extremely effective.

Indeed, over 97% of all people who undertook treatment with an invisible brace reported a long term improvement in the appearance of their smile and so, treatment with this aligner will work if you follow your dentist’s advice.

It’s uncomfortable

This is an odd myth, as invisible braces are far from uncomfortable.

As they are custom-fitted to sit over your teeth and do not use force (tightening) to move your teeth, there should be minimal discomfort.

If during your treatment with an invisible aligner you suffer from intense discomfort, call your dentist immediately as this is not usual.

The trays stain, making the brace visible

During an average treatment with an invisible brace, each tray will be worn for about 14 days.

So, in order to stain one successfully, you would need to consume some very messy foods! Also, as you can remove this brace to eat, there is no reason for it to become stained, so the origin of this myth is a bit of a head-scratcher!

It’s too expensive

OK, so the overall price of an invisible aligner may be a bit high.

But many dental practices can offer patients either a payment plan or financing, breaking this cost down into affordable monthly payments.

It will give you a lisp

Hand holdng Invisalign

It shouldn’t do!

While it may seem likely that you will suffer a speech problem while wearing a removable brace, these braces are custom-fitted and should not come loose. If they are loose or causing you persistent speech issues, talk to your dentist promptly for a review consultation.

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