You Can Bring Nature to Your Home


People now realize the importance of outdoor spaces as most now see that the limited confines of our homes and apartments are not enough to make people psychologically healthy. The benefits of outdoor spaces are not only limited to physical health but also mental well-being. Human beings are still part of the natural world, and to experience nature is one of the ways to reinvigorate that connection. Sometimes it can be as simple as growing a garden or climbing a tree in your property.

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Trees are beneficial not only for our health but also for the planet. Their growth attracts creatures, improves the air and soil consistency in your property, and also enhances the curb appeal of your property. But not all trees are built the same way, and some of them you might want to cut and grind their stump. Here are the best trees to grow in any property.

Peach Tree

If you want a fruit tree that you could manage and would not overwhelm your property or garden, a peach tree is the best choice. It is a small but hardy tree and could grow in temperate climates. However, they need to grow in an area where it is warm, sunny, and sheltered to prevent ice and frost from touching the leaves and flowers.


A small yard can be challenging if you want a tree, but the best choice for first-time gardeners is the camellia. It is an evergreen tree that could grow up to 12 feet and requires little maintenance. Camellias bloom year-round, so your garden can have pink, red, or white flowers any time of the year.

Weeping Willow

If you want a large tree in your property but can’t wait for years to grow one, choose one of those fast-growing trees that could give your property some character and gravitas. The weeping willow often grows on the banks of rivers and lakes, so it’s the best choice if you have some water on your property. This tree can grow one to two meters a year, so you won’t have to wait long for its beautiful canopy and shade.

Japanese Maple

If you love autumn but don’t have the garden size for the big maple trees, try a slow-growing Japanese maple. These are small trees that will not crowd your garden but still provide the kind of bright autumn colors you expect from a maple tree. These trees could be planted in a large tub or sheltered spot of your garden away from direct sunlight.


This tree is popular for its hardiness in the winter and resistance to drought and disease. It can produce flowers in the spring and berries in the autumn. Dogwoods could also grow up to twenty feet tall, so you need a large space to make room for this tree.

We Need Trees Now, More than Ever


If there is anything humanity can learn in this pandemic, it is that we cannot separate ourselves from nature and that nature will eventually call us to experience its light, colors, scents, and touch. If we cannot go out to enjoy the beauty of nature, we can cultivate nature in our homes and create a space where we can enjoy its benefits and bounty.

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